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College Entrance Requirements

A-G requirements


** Students must earn a C or better in all the listed classes in order to be eligible for a four year college**

A: History/Social Science: 2 courses required including U.S. History and World History

B: English: 4 college prep courses required.

C: Mathematics: 3 courses required, 4 courses recommended: Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II/Trigonometry at a minimum.

D: Laboratory Science: 2 courses required in two areas, 3 are recommended. Biology and Chemistry or Anatomy/Physiology, Physics, AP Chemistry.

E: Foreign Language: 2 courses are required, 3 are recommended. At least two courses in the same language.

F: Visual and Performing Arts: 1 course required

G: College Preparatory Elective: an additional class in one of the above subject areas or other classes on approved list.

One year of a sheltered class in each subject area is allowed.

College Entrance Tests

The CSU and most 4 year colleges in the country require the SAT or ACT Reasoning exam (with Writing) only. The UC system and some private colleges require one of the Reasoning tests plus two SAT Subject tests.

Register for the SATs here:

www.collegeboard.org    * follow the link that says For Students

Register for the ACTs here:


Three Steps to Choosing Your College

Step One--Focus on You

  1. What are your interests? (what do you like dislike?) What would you like to study in college? What career field are you interested in?
  2. What skills do you have? What are you good at?
  3. What is your personality? Use your personal strengths.
  4. What would you like to major in? Does the college offer your major?
  5. Location: Do you want to attend college near San Lorenzo? Do you want to live in a large city or be in a smaller town? Do you want to stay in California?
  6. Size: Do you want to attend a large university or a small one?
  7. Cost: Do you want to attend a community college or a 4 year public university or a private college? Costs vary a lot.

Step Two--Get Information

You should research colleges to find at least 3-5 that you might be interested in attending.

  1. Read books about colleges: Books are available in our counseling office, the library and the career center.
  2. Internet: There are some great internet websites that can give you excellent information. For California college information, try www.californiacolleges.edu. This website gives you some good tools to explores all colleges in CA. Another helpful website is www.collegeboard.com. (The College Board has national college information.)
  3. College Night College Fairs: Attend college night in October at SLz to get information about colleges in this region.
  4. Visit: Go on one of our school's college field trips to a local university or plan your own tour. You need to visit any college that you are seriously interested in.

Choose 3-5 Colleges or universities that you are interested in. Try to match your interests, abilities and personality with these colleges. Check out the costs and be sure to visit them!

California Public Colleges and Universities: 3 systems

For more information on all of this you should visit the following website! www.californiacolleges.edu

University of California California State University Community Colleges
www.ucop.edu/pathways www.csumentor.edu www.cccco.edu
Top 12% of students Top 33% of students Anyone interested
10 campuses 23 campuses 108 campuses
(Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis) (Cal State, Hayward, San Jose, Sacramento) Chabot College, Laney College
$7,347 tuition per year $3476 tuition per year $650 tuition per year
Room board $8-10,000 per year Room board $8-10,000 per year Variable
Tours available Tours available Tours available

Step Three--APPLY!

Applying for College/university: 4 Year Colleges

  1. Apply during the fall of your senior year. November 30 is the deadline for all UC applications and the end of the priority filing period for all CSU campuses.
  2. Online applications are encouraged at the college websites. Private colleges usually have applications available at their websites. The UC application website is www.ucop.edu/pathways. You apply as an undergraduate! The CSU online application is located at www.csumentor.edu.
  3. Attend the college workshops that the counselors offer in October and November to help you!
  4. Complete your applications carefully, make copies and send them in on time. If using a paper application, get a $1.05 proof of mailing certificate at the post office.
  5. Be sure that you have sent your college entrance exam scores to the colleges that you are applying to.
  6. Be organized and keep your college materials in one file!

Chabot applications: Chabot can offer you an inexpensive way to start college and explore your interests. You can get an AA degree there or transfer to a 4 year university. You can apply to Chabot through their early decision program during the spring of your senior year or during the summer. You must complete an application, take placement exams in English and math and register for classes. Check out their website: www.chabotcollege.edu!

A Calendar of College Basics

Freshman year

Take college prep classes and try to get good grades
Get involved in school and community activities: be a leader!
Consider being in EAOP or other college oriented programs

Sophomore year

Take the PSAT in October as a practice exam
Continue taking college prep classes and learn as much as you can
Start investigating colleges that you might be interested in
Continue to be a leader

Junior Year

Take the PSAT in October
Take the SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject Test or ACT With Writing exams during the spring
Take an SAT Prep class
More college prep classes and good grades
More school and community activities
Get information about colleges
Go on a college tour! Visit 2-4 colleges.

Senior Year

Apply for college during the fall. November 30 is a deadline!
Retake any college entrance exams that you need by November
Apply for scholarships
Complete the FAFSA apply for financial aid by March 2
Keep up the good grades stay involved
Decide which college you want to attend during spring
Take placement exams and attend orientation programs