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Rebel Vision Temporarily Off the Air

Due to technical difficulties our weekly Rebel Vision News broadcast, typically on Wednesdays at the beginning of third period, is shut down. We are working with our partners at Google to fix the equipment. Once that is complete we will test the system with the new Comcast cable system and see if it works. We hope to post each boradcast here on the web soon.

How does Rebel Vision Work?

Rebel Vison is San Lorenzo High's way of doing announcements once a week through TV. The ADV-TV class of Juniors works on a weekly Rebel Vision that is showed to a whole school. There are two anchors, one boy and one girl, that take the job of properly and professionally delivering the announcements to the students and staff of SLz. Through Rebel Vision, other students get to see some of the work from all BADA classes such as segments. Rebel Vision is also a great way to let all students and staff know about important activities that happen in school, important dates, segments on school rules and more.