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SLz students enrolled in a Small Learning Community

Ashley Brekke

Entertainment Editor


Let’s welcome SLz’s new small learning communities: Green House and Language Law Culture!


            These two small learning communities joined Bay Area Digital Arts (BADA) this year. Each SLC has its own focus. BADA focuses on the artistic side, Green brings awareness of the environment and LLC develops students’ political knowledge. This year, every freshman was required to join the SLC of their choice.

SLCs are expected to prepare students for life beyond high school.

            “I think if they help students become successful then they’ve done what they’re supposed to do,” Assistant Principal Andrew Vavuris said.

            According to Vavuris, “success” is the ability for students to enter college and pursue the profession of their choice.



            BADA has been at SLz for seven years and is an established program. BADA promotes many activities, such as SLz Vision.

However, this year there were several changes: the seniors have a new teacher for their independent documentaries class; freshmen are taking Multimedia instead of Video Production class.

“These changes have made this school year different from the previous ones.” Senior Meztli Montalvo, one of BADA’s representatives, said.

To celebrate the remaking of a classic, BADA students will watch the old version of Tron, and then go to the theaters to watch the new version. There are also two upcoming fieldtrips in December.


Green House

            The Green House is a new program that was started this year. This SLC builds students’ awareness of the environment surrounding them.

“Our goal is to bring more awareness of the environmentally friendly SLC,” Junior Green House representative Julia Heredia said.

One goal of the Green House is to bring compost bins into the school by the second semester. Another goal is to spread awareness of the recycling program here at SLz.



            LLC is a brand new SLC that has made a splash at SLz. LLC has been developing well. The mock election on November 2 was hosted by LLC. This event was a success for the new SLC since many students participated.

“I think it went really well,” Sophomore LLC representative Cheyanne Torres said. “It was an opportunity for students to learn about our government.”

The mock election was based on the real election, with ballots, stickers, booths, etc. Students were able to experience a real life election thanks to LLC.

            However, many believe there is room for improvement.

“We want to let people know we’re out there,” Torres said, “this may be our first year, but we’re still here.”