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Contact Us

The school's main phone number is 510-317-3000. The fax number is 510-278-0547.

We are located at 50 E. Lewelling Blvd, San Lorenzo, CA 94580. [ map/directions ]

Use the links below to email or call school staff.


Silvestri, Allison Principal

Assistant Principals

Chen, Sayuri Assistant Principal
Santillan, Eugene Assistant Principal
Vavuris, Andrew (510) 317-3122 Assistant Principal


Corrales, Debra (510) 317-3130 Counselor (BADA) R-Z
Hart, Toni (510) 317-3128 Counselor- Lo-Q
Manalo, Katricia Counselor (A-D)
Reyes, Erin (510) 317-3133 Counselor (E-Li)


Andrade, Elvira Staff
Bertel, Cheryl Staff
Buenrostro, Mayra Staff
Christian, Blossom Staff
Fickling, Michelle Staff
Hu, Michael Staff
Jardin, Doreen (510) 317-3126 Sr. Attendance Technician
Olivas, Yvette (510) 317-3134 Staff


Ahrens, Rachel (510) 317-3174 ex.2056 Teacher
Allio, Kerri Teacher
Andrade, Elvira Staff
Assi, Addi (510) 317-3008 Spanish Teacher
Barajas, Marcela Teacher
Bauer, Melanie Teacher
Bauman, Olivia (510) 317-3000 ex.3144 Teacher
Bautista, Emanuel Teacher
Bellamy, Amy (510) 317-3100 ex.3164 Teacher
Bradley, Alyssa (530) 317-3068 Teacher
Brown, Jesse Teacher
Carter, Bowe Teacher
Carter, T., Thomas Teacher
Cebrian Paskell, Barbara Teacher
Coughran, Monique (510) 317-3042 English Teacher
Creel, Robert Teacher
Cristofani, Suzanne (510) 317-3030 Math Teacher
Davis, Mary Ann Teacher
Faw, Randall Teacher
Fickling, Michelle Staff
Fishman, Alan Teacher
Flowers, Seana Teacher
Giang, John (510) 317-3163 Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trig and AP Calculus Teacher
Golobay, Magen Teacher
Gossett, Ken (510) 317-3005 Teacher
Hagmann, Ian Teacher
Hake, Benjamin Teacher
Hansen, Lucy (510) 317-3101 Math Teacher, Department Chair
Hart, Toni (510) 317-3128 Counselor- Lo-Q
Herbert, Joseph Teacher
Hoffmann, Tanny (510) 317-3158 Teacher
Holcomb, John Teacher
Horn, Maria Teacher
Hu, Michael Staff
Hu, Michael Sys Admin
Huaman, Katrina (510) 697-6935 ex.4882 Staff
Isaacs, Jesse (510) 317-3021 ex.2317 Teacher
Jackson, Bob (510) 317-3050 Teacher
Johnson, Gerald Teacher
Knight-Hokafonu, LiLo Teacher
Krist, Briana Teacher
Long, Rhonda Teacher
Longaker, Tom (510) 317-3155 Athletic Director, Teacher
Lopez, Raul Teacher
Makker, Vandana (510) 317-3056 English Teacher
Marks, Susan Teacher
Martin, Grayce (510) 317-3146 Library
Marvin, James Staff
Mc VaY, Lance (510) 317-3193 Teacher
Murphy, Sean Teacher
Nation, Brittny Teacher
Nikkel, Jane (510) 317-3036 Science Teacher
O'Connell, Michael Teacher
Olivas, Yvette (510) 317-3134 Staff
Pallesen, Hans Teacher
Peterson, Courtney Teacher
Purro, Pascal Teacher
Reyes, Erin (510) 317-3133 Counselor (E-Li)
Rodriguez, Antonia Teacher
Rosa, Karen (510) 317-3157 Teacher/EL Coordinator, ELD Department Chairperson
Rutter, Melina Teacher
Sheriff, Ana (510) 317-3035 Math Teacher
Shimada, Sayuri (510) 317-3040 ex.3040 Teacher, Department Chair, LLC Coordinator
Shivers-Adeyemi, Romy Teacher
Smith, E., Erin Teacher
Smith, Judy Teacher
Smith, Stephanie Teacher
So, Wing Yan Teacher
Solis, Sra. Teacher
Sorensen, Lisa (510) 317-3000 ex.3071 Teacher
Spiers, Gina Teacher
Steers, Carys (510) 317-3011 ex.3011 English Teacher
Steinberg, Dylan Teacher
Wickner, Dana Teacher
Yee, Christopher Teacher
Zell, Liliana Teacher
Zhu, Shengnan Teacher