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Ignite Link

For more information about Ignite, check out the following website:



IGNITE Women Leaders

Congresswoman Barbara Lee & LLC Young Women

Ignite - Barbara Lee.jpg

LLC Women Attend Ignite Conference

In March 2012, students attended the Ignite Women Leaders Conference in Berkeley.  There were 200 high school and college students who lunched with about 20 elected officials and attending workshops led by women in politics. 

LLC had the privilege of meeting US Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Sarah Cronin was able to interview her for the SLz Record!

The Hon. Barbara Lee has been proudly serving California’s 9th Congressional District since 1998. She continues to be an advocate for the people, safe communities, affordable housing and protecting women. She is a strong and inspirational leader in politics and is running for re-election this year.

All in all, it was very inspiring. LLC commits to developing our young women’s understanding of and access to the political process.  


Ignite builds political ambition in young women.

Their Story?

Ignite was founded in 2009 to build young women’s political ambition and train them to run for office.

Women don’t run for office at the same rates as men.

Why? They aren’t asked or encouraged to, and because women under-value their qualifications, they don’t typically put themselves forward. While there are a number of organizations that recruit, train, and support adult women to run, no one is building political ambition among young women. We need an easy way to inspire young women to become civic and political leaders, then to connect them to opportunities where they can exercise these new skills.

Ignite does just that: we implement a political training program, specifically tailored to the needs of young women. Our model brings the program to any community that wants it, then within that community, builds a cadre of young women who first become civically engaged, then become civic leaders, and ultimately pursue elective office.

from Ignite website: http://www.igniteca.org/about-us/


IGNITE Workshops 2012


LLC Women attended workshops.  

Workshops included: 

  • Two Sides, One Coin: Staffing A Campaign,
    Staffing A Political Office
  • I Am The Candidate
  • Getting Appointed to Boards & Commissions
  • Miss Representation: Call To Action
  • Building Across Difference: Racial Divides in the
    Women’s Political Movement
  • Hot Button Issue: DREAM Act & What It Means for You
  • Hot Button issue: Reproductive Rights
  • Hot Button issue: Ending Violence in Our Streets
  • Knowing Your Worth: How to Negotiate Like a Pro
  • Blogging 101