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Law, Leadership & Culture Academy: Join Our Learning Community

About LLC

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What Students Are Saying About LLC

"I like LLC because it gets me on the right track to become a lawyer or cop." --Gabriella, 9th grade

"In LLC, you can expect to learn a lot. " --Jaime, 9th grade

"In LLC, you can expect to become very smart." --Mario, 9th grade

"Mock Trial helped with my public speaking skills and I made a lot of new friends.  Overall, it was really fun." --Felice, 9th grade

"In LLC, you can expect a serious atmosphere and nice teachers." --Briena, 9th grade

In a rapidly changing and growing modern world, the LLC Academy is where academic rigor in legal, lingual, and cultural aspects of the world serve to connect students to society and discover their place in the world. 



Have you been thinking about what you want from your high school experience?

Have you been thinking about your plans for the future? 

We are here to provide you with information for a learning community that will equip you with the skills you'll need to reach your goals.  We are here to get you where you want to be. 

Let us tell you about what you can expect from the Law, Leadership & Culture small learning community at San Lorenzo High School.

The Law, Leadership & Culture Learning Community

 “No law or ordinance is mightier than
understanding.”     —Plato
The LLC Academy is a small learning community that believes in a relevant, personalized, and engaging learning environment that prepares students for diverse college and career opportunities.
As part of the LLC Academy you will:
  • Develop public speaking communication skills
  • Participate in project-based learning and “case” scenarios (ex: Mock   Trials)
  • Learn human conflict resolution skills 
  • Develop strong interpersonal relationships with students and teachers
  • Participate in special LLC community events
  • Learn about domestic and international career possibilities in the legal field
  • Connect with learning institutions and professionals outside the high school setting
  • Gain multiple perspectives on legal, cultural, and world issues 

LLC Lead Teacher

Contact Sayuri Shimada with questions:


LLC Logo New.jpg

The LLC Academy is the place for you if you...

  • have ever thought about being a judge, police officer, government official, or lawyer  

  • like talking about how people of the world live and work together

  • like watching shows and movies that involve court scenes or legal matters

  • like thinking and talking about different cultures of the world

  • like discussing important issues in group settings

  • have an interest in speech and debate

  • like using language and your voice in powerful ways

  • wonder about how laws are formed and how they influence the way we live


Students discuss global policies.

Students in Action