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Linking 9th Graders: Here's What We Do

Link Crew students are challenged to come up with ideas, and then they, as a group, plan, develop and execute their ideas. We have asked them to try and figure out what the freshmen need and how best to serve these needs. For example, a Link Leader thought that freshmen needed relationship information. As a result, Link Crew went into advisory classes for Healthy Relationships Week and lead each class in a program highlighting what positive relationships look like in various settings. 

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Link Crew

2015-2016 Link Crew

It has been a pleasure working with you all this year.  Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our freshmen and our school.  You were an incredible group to work with.


If you have not gotten your pin, go see Flowers ASAP. Everyone in good standing gets a pin.


Some of you (with 5 credits and at least a 3.0) will be getting corded.  You will receive a notice letting you know on Friday, May 27th during 3rd period.

If you have any questions, see Hoffmann in B-10.

Linking 9th graders to Success

The San Lorenzo High School Link Crew program is built upon the idea of a community helping its newest members learn the ins and outs of high school in order to be socially and personally successful.The SLz Link Crew program trains 11th and 12th grade students to assist and support 9th graders in the transition from middle to high school. 

Link Crew is a freshman transition program, leadership training program, and a school community-building program. Our purpose is to empower junior and seniors as role models for freshmen, to increase freshman success through supportive peers, to develop leadership skills in students on campus, and help create a supportive atmosphere at SLz.

The leadership building class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30. Additional work days will be added as needed to complete preparation for events. In coordination with our leadership building goal, our Link Leaders will be actively involved in visiting freshman advisory classes on a monthly basis. While these activities happen during the school day, the preparation for advisory occurs after school.

This program is led by Seana Flowers, John Giang and Tanny Hoffmann. Please contact them if you have questions. 

Our 2015-2016 Link Crew

Our 2015-2016 Link Crew

Upcoming Events

We are having our Mini-Development Day to welcome next year's members on Wednesday, May 25th, after school.  What that also means is....... we need to know if you are returning to us.  Swing by B-10 to get the return form.



2015-2016 Link Leaders

This is just a reminder that, due to the change of CPT hours from morning to afternoon, our class meeting days have changed.  We now meet Tuesday and Thursday in the cafeteria.  Sign in days for athletes have not changed. They remain Monday, Wednesday, Friday in B-10 at lunch.

If you are a sophomore or junior, consider joining Link Crew next year.

We're looking for people who want to help freshmen.

That's really the important quality.

Athletes and Link Leaders who have jobs

In order to get your hours (and the information you need), you need to sign in (B-10) every

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


If you miss any class for any reason, you sign in on Friday



Don't Forget.  Remind your teammates.

Link Crew Staff

Flowers, Seana
Giang, John
Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trig and AP Calculus Teacher
Hoffmann, Tanny
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Our Mission

Link Crew is an organization that uses teamwork, communication and leadership skills to positively influence 9th graders. Our goals are: to become informed about what freshman need, help them realize that they have options so that they can learn to take pride in themselves and their abilities, influence 9th graders to respect themselves, think for themselves and respect others, and to help 9th graders to become comfortable making new friends and trying new things. We want freshmen to be well informed, have confidence in themselves and us, and to have a positive and memorable year.

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