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Our Commitment to Academic Excellence


The mission of San Lorenzo High School is to challenge students to reach their highest level of academic achievement, to provide opportunities and support for social and emotional growth, and to build connections to future education, assisting them to become successful members of the 21st century society.

School-wide Learning Outcomes

San Lorenzo High School provides a learning environment that fosters:

Creative and critical thinkers who...

  • Use a variety of strategies to complete academic projects both independently and collaboratively
  • Appreciate excellence and originality in their own and others' work
  • Exhibit an interest in learning for personal enjoyment, and plan for future of lifelong learning

Socially responsible citizens who...

  • Demonstrate respect for diverse culture, languages, lifestyle, and opinions
  • Exhibit a sound sense of personal responsibility, including managing time and resources effectively
  • Identify and choose ethical courses of action
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of belonging to a community and a society

Technologically competent users who...

  • Learn and apply a variety of current and emerging technologies
  • Prepare for the future in a technologically changing society

Academically proficient learners who...

  • Read critically and efficiently across all disciplines
  • Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and listening in both planned and impromptu situation
  • Apply mathematical concepts and operations to solve problems




San Lorenzo High School provides an innovative educational environment where all students:

  • have access to the core curriculum,
  • increase achievement in content area literacy,
  • appreciate and respect people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and
  • demonstrate responsible citizenship in a positive learning environment

SLz Alma Mater

We Hail thee, San Lorenzo

As here we stand so proud

We are the Mighty Rebels

With Spirit we're endowed,

Hail to thee our youthful dreams

Our standards never fail

We stand together one and all

Hail, Hail, Hail!