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LLC Sees Sotomayor in Action at UC Berkeley

Students See Sotomayor in Legal Action

On Wednesday, February 2nd, nearly 40 students joined in on an LLC field trip to UC Berkeley law school's moot court competition.  In this competiton, two UC Berkeley law students argued a mock supreme court case in front of three judges.  The sitting judges were the Honorable William Fletcher of the U.S Supreme court of Appeals, the Honorable Carol A. Corrigan of the California Supreme Court, and the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

The students listened to both sides of the argument, which focused mostly on the 1st amendment right of freedom of speech.  Students had the opportunity to see the judges in action, as the judges posed hypothetical questions to the law students.  After the arguments, the judges gave their verdict.

Check out the following links for news stories:



About Sotomayor:


What Students Are Saying About the Event

"The best part about the field trip was that I got to experience something not many people will ever get to experience in their lives."

"This field trip has now made me realize how intense it can be when you are put on the spotlight to meet a specific expectation."

"It gave me a chance to see how fast a lawyer's mind has to be."

"It was pretty interesting going to a place and actually seeing people compete against each other."

"This field trip made me want to fight for my opinion and stand up for myself."

"The best part of the field trip was seeing Sonia Sotomayor."

"I wish other students had gone because this was an eye-opener to how our court of law and government works.  It was fun."

"This field trip has made me want to study for my AP Government class.  It brougth me enthusiasm in seeing how the system works and has made me interested in law."