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Special Education

What is Special Education?

Students identified as eligible for special education receive programming and ser¬vices that are tailored to meet their individual needs through the Individual Educa¬tion Plan (IEP) process.


Special Education programs for students with exceptional needs are offered in grades 9-12. Eligibility for enrollment is determined through a formal referral process. Placement in an appropriate special education program is made on completion of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Initial consultation with a school counselor is recommended. The Special Education Department maintains a Learning Center available to all students at San Lorenzo High School.  Teachers notify the Special Education Department in advance when students need to utilize the Learning Center. It is staffed with Instructional Assistants. Teacher permission is required for students to attend the Learning Center during class time

Program Goals for Special Education Students

The Resource Program at San Lorenzo High School is committed to providing the best well-rounded education possible for each of our students. In addition to having high expectations for learning the curriculum, our goals include seeing that each student is able to:

  • Transition smoothly from each grade level as self-determined, self-confident and responsible individuals.
  • Take control of their academic and personal lives through recognition and appreciation of their own strengths, abilities and passions.
  • Use self-advocacy skills.
  • Reach their full potential socially, academically, personally and functionally
  • Have the opportunity for employment and quality of life.

Students identified as eligible for Special Education receive programming and services that are tailored to meet their individual needs through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process.  They are those students identified with barring discrepancies that adversely affect academic progress without supports for learning.

Learning Centers or Resource Rooms

Students with special needs may receive instruction from the special education teacher in an individual or small group setting for selected subjects. In many cases they will spend most of their day in the general education classroom with Resource Program (RSP) support available through our Learning Center, in individual RSP classrooms or through Instructional Assistants or Special Education teachers (Resource Specialists) assisting in the mainstream classroom.

In some cases, a student needs highly specialized services and cannot be successfully integrated into a general education classroom for all required classes. In these circumstances, they will spend most of their day in RSP classes tailored to their needs (SDC-LH, Mild-Moderate), and may follow an alternate path to graduation.
A full range of specialized support is available for all Special Education students.

Students in the general education curriculum and/or SLCs who need assistance during class will need to request access to the Learning Center or Resource Specialists from their mainstream teachers.

Special Education Students in SLC’s

Special Education students who elect to participate in the Small Learning Communities (SLC) at San Lorenzo High School will participate to the greatest extent possible in the curriculum offered by each SLC.


RSP support will be provided through the RSP Learning Center, Resource Classrooms and/or Instructional Assistants and Resource Specialists who will be participating in each SLC and who will be imbedded in the SLC classroom(s).

Guiding Principles for Special Education at SLz

  • The IEP Team (resource specialists, general educators, administrators, parents and students) are all accountable for student learning.
  • Open and direct lines of communication are valued among all IEP Team members.
  • Special education service decisions are supported by data and support student achievement.
  • RSP courses instruction, curriculum and assessment are linked to general education standards.
  • To foster student success, Special Education students will be mainstreamed into the general education curriculum whenever possible with appropriate support provided as deemed necessary to maximize student success.